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Positive Piazza Affari, two speeds for UniCredit and Intesa Sanpaolo


European stock exchanges still positive on the day of Powell’s speech. Although Federal Reserve No. 1 confirmed that it was ready to use the weapon of rate hikes to prevent inflation from consolidating (there are three, but also four interventions), the lists of the Old Continent closed the day in positive territory. Part of the credit goes to the chief economist of the European Central Bank, Philip Lane, who reiterated in an interview that we will hardly see a tightening in 2022. On the Ftse Mib, which finished the session at 27,535.48 points (+ 0.67%), the performances of Atlantia (+ 3.57%), Amplifon (+ 2.45%) and Saipem (+2.79) stand out %). The latter title was driven by the award of two new offshore contracts in Australia and Guyana for a total value of 1.1 billion.The news of the day is represented by the green light of the Management Committee of the Deposit Protection Fund (Fitd) to BPER Banca (+ 0.73%) to negotiate exclusively for the acquisition of the stake in Carige (-11.25%). The 4-week exclusivity is aimed at completing the due diligence and defining an acquisition contract. The deadline is set for February 15th The offer of BPER Banca is non-binding and provides for a recapitalization of 530 million by the sellers and the launch of a takeover bid on the Carige shares not held by the FITD and SVI at 0 , 8 euros per share (the stock closed at 0.7934 euros). In the sector, two speeds for Intesa Sanpaolo (+ 0.77%) and UniCredit (-1.11). Overall, + 4.22% by Brunello Cucinelli which announced that it had closed the year 2021 with net revenues up by 30.9% to 712 million. The spread between our BTPs and the German Bunds increased by almost 3% at 139 basis points. (in collaboration with



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