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Robotics and kinetic sculptures the new frontiers of BrianzAcque’s action


An educational path to enrich the school training offer and develop scientific, environmental and technological skills among young people with an innovative methodology. BrianzAcque continues to invest in students as key players in this phase of ecological transition for the construction of a more sustainable and equitable world. And it does so with “Spazio Invento – Il Mulino delle Energie”, a new project promoted by Creda Onlus and destined to increase creativity, transversality and motivation to learn. The proposal, set in the green lung of the Monza Park, within the renewed context of the buildings of the Dry Mills, is structured in two distinct laboratories: robotics and kinetic structures. In fact, new technologies represent a determining factor, which will make it possible to achieve increasingly ambitious environmental and social sustainability objectives. The President and CEO of BrianzAcque, Enrico Boerci underlines that “ In a lively and dynamic area like that of Brianza, we believe it is very important to offer local schools and our children new kinds of knowledge and skills, increasingly necessary for a present and for a sustainable tomorrow. It is not just a question of training, but also of stimulating the new generations to contribute to the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 with its 17 objectives and to direct them towards increasingly targeted and aware professional choices ”. And with regard to the location of active teaching activities, Boerci believes that ” the Dry Mills represent the perfect location. They allow total immersion in nature and encourage creativity. Then there is a fil rouge that binds BrianzAcque to this complex of rural architecture: the nineteenth-century mill, fed by the waters of the Lambro, is a rare example of ancient technology still functioning in full respect of sustainability and, at the same time, is one of the symbols of the energy generated thanks to the water resource, of which we are territorially managers ”. Luca Baglivo, director of Creda Onlus, says he is convinced that “The launch of these” Tinkering “paths for schools with BrianzAcque represents a virtuous example of full collaboration with a local company, which, like us, firmly believes in the power of education and training of young people in Sustainability. The “Spazio Invento – The energy mills” project presents an innovative way of enhancing the educational offer and bringing young people closer to the so-called Stem subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in a creative way, to develop scientific and environmental skills , transversal and problem solving “. The workshops will start from next March and will last 3 hours each. They will continue for a three-year school year, until 2026, in order to involve as many students as possible. 40 classes will be involved for each year. Unlike the didactic and educational courses on blue gold held up to now by BrianzAcque, which were aimed mostly at “elementary school” children, the innovative methodology of “Spazio Invento – Il Mulino delle Energie” intercepts a target of pupils larger. In fact, the fifth grades of primary school and the first grades of lower secondary school will be interested. With the robotics laboratory, students will be confronted with a situation-problem to be solved and will try to build electric robots in a collaborative way capable of moving, turning and drawing. The kinetic sculpture workshop will be an experiential moment, which will allow children to create machines capable of movement with a range of different materials, including those of recovery: they will be able to try their hand and understand, experimenting and building, the meaning of balance and transfer. The methodological approach and the proposed tinkering activities aim to train a mindset and to train citizens capable of embracing the challenges of sustainability and taking action for the good of the environment and the planet. Confidence in oneself and in others, creativity, critical thinking and flexibility are stimulated through the curiosity for discovery, teaching to make decisions and to take responsibility in finding the solution together.



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