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Internet, in 2021 economic cost of blackouts of 5.5 billion dollars (+ 36%)


In 2021, the economic cost of internet shutdowns was $ 5.45 billion: 36% more than the $ 4.01 billion in 2020 ($ 8.05 billion in 2019). This is what emerges from the data of Top10Vpn which constantly monitors the impact of the closure or slowdown of the Internet by government authorities from an economic point of view. To the data of 2021 we can already add those of Kazakhstan where the authorities, in an attempt to suppress anti-government protests, have cut off access to the internet in recent days. The estimated cost of these shutdowns in Kazakhstan is currently estimated at over $ 400 million. In 2021, closure or targeted slowdown operations by government authorities around the world, Top10Vpn notes, cost a total of 5.45 billion dollars and were recorded in 21 countries for a duration of 30,179 hours (16,574 hours of blackout, 840 hours of restrictions and 12,766 hours of social media blocking). In 2020, internet outages lasted 27,165 hours and in 2019 18,255 hours. In 2021, 486.2 million people were affected by these deliberate internet outages: 80% more than in 2020. Twitter is the social media that was most blocked last year: it suffered 12,379 hours of outage deliberate, 60% more than Facebook. Myanmar is the country that has been most affected. The economic cost of internet ‘shutdowns’, in fact, in 2021 was equal to 2.8 billion dollars (12,238 hours of outages). In 2020 it was India that suffered the highest economic cost with 2.8 billion dollars while in 2019 it was Iraq with 2.3 billion dollars. In second place in the ranking is Nigeria with 1.5 billion dollars (5,040 hours of interruptions). India ranks third with $ 582.8 million (1,156 hours). In fourth place Ethiopia with 164.5 million dollars (8,864 hours) and in fifth place Sudan with 157.4 million dollars (777 hours). Overall, according to the Top10Vpn report, “75% of internet outages by government authorities were associated with further human rights violations (+ 80% compared to 2020); 69% of all internet outages it was also associated with restrictions on freedom of assembly; 29% was associated with electoral interference and 29% with press freedom violations. “



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