• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

In Baranzate was born ‘InOltre’, a social services hub in a former industrial warehouse


May 8, 2021

From the solidarity store to the space for young mothers, up to social tailoring: those who, due to Covid, found themselves in poverty, or almost, since yesterday can turn to the “InOltre” space in Baranzate, a service hub born in a former warehouse industrial thanks to a personal donation from Diana Bracco, the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation and the commitment of the La Rotonda association. The inauguration of the structure, blessed by Archbishop Monsignor Mario Delpini yesterday in the Municipality of the town on the outskirts of Milan, was anticipated by the opening, at the beginning of March, of the Emporium of solidarity, a solidarity convenience store where money but with a points card, assigned by Caritas volunteers according to the composition of the family unit and the socio-economic situation. Baranzate is the eleventh born in the network of emporiums managed in Lombardy by Caritas. Baranzate is the first municipality in Italy with more resident migrants than the population (33% out of 11 thousand inhabitants), in an area where a total of 72 different ethnic groups live together. “This is not a simple reception center – explained Diana Bracco, president of the Bracco Foundation, a place where assisted families participate in the social fabric, which we want more responsive to integration, and for this reason here we work on various fronts: work, health, training and sport ”. In the “Mother and Child Area”, in addition to the distribution of free diapers and baby food, mothers from different cultural backgrounds are followed during the weaning period by a pediatrician and two nurses; young people from assisted families have training internships or help with after-school homework at their disposal. A part of the structure houses “Fiori all’occhiello”, a high fashion tailoring workshop born from the work of 4 foreign seamstresses, all of whom arrived in Italy to escape from situations of hardship and marginalization. The space also includes an event room of 130 square meters and 100 seats, available for rent for cultural events aimed at the inclusion and involvement of citizens, under the direction of the “InOltre” Foundation, of which Diana Bracco is honorary president. An example is the photographic exhibition inaugurated in these days: “All the hours of the world – Portraits of welcome, relationship and care in the multiethnic Baranzate”, which collects the photographic portraits of 12 Italian and foreign families of Baranzate made by the photographer Gerald Bruneau. Baranzate’s intervention with the Emporium of solidarity and the “InOltre” space is a model of collaboration between entrepreneurship and the third sector that also sees the involvement of Opera San Francesco, Fondazione 13 Marzo di Paolo Barilla, Mapei, Belfor Italia, Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Italia and Leroy Merlin who contributed to the creation of the “Fai da Noi” Emporium.