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Trains, severe delays due to a breakdown on the Florence node: what happened


Dec 4, 2021

Traffic slowed down from early morning for high-speed trains heading north and south and for regional trains arriving and departing from Florence. First, the obstacles on the line between Orte and Orvieto, Direct line Rome – Florence, removed by RFI staff, and then technical failures in the Florence node caused severe delays. The group communicates this in a note. The technicians of the Italian Railway Network have solved the failure of the systems that manage the Florence node. At the origin of the black day for high-speed trains some problems attributable to the development of the Accm system (Multi-station Computerized Central Apparatus) activated a few days ago in Florence. To explain it is Fsnews. The technological system, already successfully activated in the main nerve centers of the network, ensures greater efficiency, regularity and reliability when fully operational. In these early stages of operation, given the complexity of the Florentine railway junction and the sophisticated software that regulates its operation, it is causing some problems with an impact on the rescheduling of journeys in the event of abnormalities and delays, on which the technicians of RFI, of Bombardier / Alstom are working on their fastest and most definitive solution. To worsen the situation, from the early hours of the afternoon today, is a technical failure in the infrastructure between Arezzo and Florence, all trains run along the conventional line with an increase in travel times. Trenitalia has activated an assistance facility for travelers in the main stations concerned, with updates also by sending emails and text messages. Rfi, we read on FSNews, apologizes to travelers for the inconvenience caused by the delays. WHAT IS ACCM – Rfi, with an investment of 40 million euros, has activated a new Multistation Computerized Central Apparatus (Accm) and a modern Multistation Control Command System (SCCM) in the stations of Rovezzano and Firenze Campo di Marte. The new railway signaling technologies, among the most advanced and technological in the world, allow optimal management of the railway circulation from the Central Post of Florence Campo di Marte, significantly improving its regularity in the Florence Santa Maria Novella – Rovezzano, Florence Statuto – Rovezzano sections. and Cionfo – Florence Campo di Marte. Among the benefits brought by this new state-of-the-art technology, explains Fsnews, there are the increase in the reliability of the infrastructure and a better management of railway traffic in terms of train regularity and punctuality. Benefits also in infrastructure maintenance processes thanks to predictive diagnostic information systems that prevent the onset of sudden failures. The activation represents the first step of the technological upgrading program underway at the Florence node, to offer an increasingly efficient service. ), the updating of the automatic systems for information to the public and the reconfiguration of all the Accm / Sccm systems of the plants adjacent to the Florence node.

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