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Covid, Boccardi (Assowedding): “no infection in thousands of marriages since June 15”


Dec 4, 2021

The super green pass, which will enter into force on December 6, will not be required to participate in weddings or other civil and religious ceremonies, such as confirmations, baptisms, communions. While the obligation of the green pass remains (certified with vaccine, swab or covid recovery). A differentiation that is “the umpteenth achievement”, and almost due to a sector that during the pandemic was closed for 16 months and lost 90% of its turnover but which, as soon as it started again, rigorously applied, among the first, the green pass and all the anti-covid protocols envisaged by the various measures. “Our sector was the first to adopt the green pass since June 15”. A rigor that rewarded the operators because “at the restart, despite the fact that thousands of weddings and other ceremonies took place, we can now say with certainty that there was no covid case”. This was stated to Adnkronos by Michele Boccardi, the pugnacious president of Assowedding Confindustria, for a few more days as next Monday he will resign from the Confindustrial post as it is incompatible with his proclamation as senator, in the ranks of Forza Italia, which took place two days ago. does. “I thank the ministers Speranza and Gelmini and more generally the government for their attention and for having put the sector in a position to be able to work even in winter – adds Boccardi – we were reasonably worried about a halving or even cancellation, for some events that also take place in this pre-Christmas period, events that are planned well in advance. There was the risk of a forced closure “. Assowedding therefore brings home this result but warns Boccardi: “everyone must continue to maintain safety, not only the operators of the ceremonies, to continue working even in winter and above all to secure 2022 and 2023 for our business that lives on. half-yearly and annual programming “. As for the conduct of weddings in yellow or orange areas, the protocols to be respected and also some restrictions such as the number of seats at the table remain firm.

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