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Green transition between obstacles and opportunities, experts in comparison


There is a great desire for ecological transition as a result of the awareness that there is something to be done, but it is not yet clear how it will take place. Companies, municipalities, professionals, citizens are moving towards sustainability but with the feeling that if there is no clarity on the objectives, costs and green bureaucracy to be removed, they will be suspended beyond measure, compromising even those results achieved so far. This is, in summary, the result of the discussion that emerged today, November 30, in the international colloquium ‘The ecological transition (won’t it be a relaxing walk?)’, Organized by Istud, the first Italian private business school, with the patronage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and with Adnkronos Prometeo among the media partners. “Today, among the citizens – say in unison Maurizio Guandalini, chairman of the event and curator of several books on the green and Marella Caramazza, general manager of Istud – there is, on the one hand, the awareness of bearing the weight of sacrifices for benefits that they will be enjoyed by others, by the generations to come, and on the other hand, that the climate changes we are experiencing are irreversible. Will states, all states, be able to achieve full decarbonisation by combining economic growth and environmental protection? “. “The European Union – says Professor Walter Ganapini, of the scientific committee of the European Environment Agency – generating 9% of global emissions, is the only piece of the puzzle that has tended to pursue the objectives of the ‘Paris Agreement’, reaching at least the stabilization of emission levels and adopting an ambitious Green Deal equal to the seriousness of the phenomena in progress. In this context, Italy, at an economic and social level, is characterized by a multiplicity, certainly not univocal, of entrepreneurial actors and social organizations aware of the environmental challenge also as a competitive challenge on global markets “. That it is a problem of strategy and choices is understood by the words of Professor Valentino Piana, of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland in Valais. “Running out of electricity and gas? Walking down the street and wearing a cold jacket at home? These were the fears of the 70s with the oil crisis, resolved in Denmark with wind power in the islands and coal from Brindisi in Italy. Fifty years later, the lesson is clear. Getting the wrong way costs. Which economic sectors, which businesses, which workers, which citizens are at risk now and what to do for a transition that leaves no one behind, because trouble is about to come. ” It is necessary to deeply understand that a new social cohesion, in solidarity and fraternity is necessary. Professor Andrea Farinet of Liuc-Cattaneo University has the answer in socialing. “Socialing, by placing the real well-being of people and the environment at the center of its activities, requires that no company can neglect the real absolute priority. This is the life of human beings, animals, plants, water and atmospheric resources. , geological. In the next few years we cannot make such serious errors of underestimation. Unfortunately there are invisible enemies, such as viruses, from which we can defend ourselves if we join forces in a supranational effort of research, innovation and prevention “. The approach to sustainability must be shared by stakeholders at all levels, starting with political institutions, the industrial chain and citizens. “The hydrogen energy vector – details Alberto Dossi of the Sapio Group – represents an opportunity not only for the environment but also for the national economy and for a social evolution and the reduction of dependence on foreign energy sources. hurry to build a regulatory and strategic framework that will enable the development of a hydrogen market in Italy, which will also have employment repercussions “. “Certainly – says Romano Stefani of Dolomiti Energia – the scarcity of international transport infrastructures, first of all the delays in the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline together with the geopolitical tensions, have contributed to accentuating the surge in electricity prices which largely depend on the price of natural gas, oil and coal. Another important issue is the reduction of primary household consumption by making the real estate assets more efficient which, as is well known, represents an important percentage of overall European consumption “. Riccardo Bani, president of Teon, focuses on the subject. “A recent research by the research company Elemens shows that in our country it would be possible to replace one million boilers with high-temperature heat pumps in geothermal solution, allowing a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 13 million tons per year, a saving on the bills of Italian households of around 3 billion euros per year, and a significant reduction in imports of natural gas and other fossil fuels from abroad. A framework of regulatory instruments is essential for the pursuit of these important objectives “. There is a need for ‘collaboration’ between companies, which becomes a key factor: a company alone cannot seize all the opportunities. “We – specifies Massimiliano Braghin of Infinityhub – have a look at open innovation, sharing values ​​with everyone, with a view to win-win work, creating synergies and teamwork with artisans, companies, investors, funds, institutions, banks and public administrations. A real community of ‘social energy enthusiasts’ converted into over 10 million euros of investments in progress, from the production of renewable energy to the redevelopment of sports halls, shopping centers, foundations, universities and large hospital and Rsa buildings “. Digital transformation has also proved to be a fundamental lever for achieving important energy efficiency and sustainability objectives in industrial processes, transport and infrastructures. “Some of our factories – details Fabio Golinelli di Abb – are Centers of Excellence for Smart Manufacturing and also play the role of real demonstrators of the most innovative digital solutions linked to the concept of Enterprise 4.0. In which innovation, IoT, interconnected systems and virtual factory they are and will increasingly be key elements in maintaining competitiveness and leadership “. “Electrification will play a fundamental role in light transport – explains Annalisa Citterio of Cnh Industrial, global leader in the capital goods sector – and in the urban environment, while natural gas and its renewable version, biomethane, represent the best alternative to diesel in the short term and will see increasing shares especially for industrial vehicles and for the transport of long-distance passengers, as well as for agricultural and operating machinery. In the medium-long term, Hydrogen will be the most suitable energy vector to guarantee the decarbonisation of road haulage fleets, thanks to the performance that hydrogen cell electric vehicles (Fcev) can guarantee in terms of range, power, weight, volume and refueling times “. With respect to the ecological transition to Italian, what remains to be done? “The pillar of the green transition – explains Paolo Peroni of the Roedl & Partner study – originates from the European Green Deal which, with the Next Generation Eu, has mobilized huge investments to support national economies in achieving climate neutrality. The PNRR channels towards Italy the resources launched by the European Union, identifying its primary mission in the Ecological Transition. What are the rules in which the NRP is already finding concrete implementation? measures relating to the environment, energy efficiency, urban regeneration, sustainable mobility “. How to combine environmental, landscape, ecosystem and energy needs? “The study ‘The design of the authorization system to decarbonise and relaunch investments’ carried out by Althesys in collaboration with Elettricità Futura – points out Alessandro Marangoni CEO of Althesys Strategic Consultants – shows an average delay of five and a half years, beyond the legal deadlines, that is, over seven years. The new Renewables Directive, still to be implemented, calls for compliance with the two-year limit. Furthermore, the survey shows that 46% of the projects presented are not implemented “. “The multiplicity of institutions involved – argues Francesco Marghella senior energy analyst of Althesys – and the lack of a single and centralized competent subject capable of fully managing the procedure generates a cumbersome, complex and stratified system, in which there is no adequate coordination of activities and a uniqueness of direction. The disputes and the numerous inadequately motivated denials require a drastic revision of the entire permitting chain to reduce costs and time “. The measures envisaged by the two ‘Simplification’ decrees of 2020 and 2021 will certainly produce benefits for operators and for the system, but doubts remain about the possibility of quickly overcoming the current administrative impasse that is holding back investments in Italy. “It is necessary – concludes Marangoni – a global redesign of the governance system, establishing a central control and coordination body to implement the Pniec, similar to the control room for the Pnrr”.


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