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Logical: The unperceived risks of illegal online gambling


Nov 29, 2021

Illegal online gambling sites operate undisturbed and a third of players regularly visit them. This is what emerges from the “Knowledge and perception of illegal betting sites” survey, carried out by EMG Different for Logico, Lega Operatori di Game on the Online Channel. The survey, carried out between 2 and 6 October 2021, was carried out on a sample of 2000 people representing the population of about 700 Italian municipalities. The survey was carried out with a very specific purpose, as explained by Moreno Marasco, president of Logico, that is “to understand to what extent the difference between legal and non-legal platforms is clear and perceived by players and to what extent they are aware the dangers of illegal sites “. While 46.7% of online players know at least one legal site, 11.7% are aware of illegal sites. The main sources of knowledge are word of mouth (28%), advertising on TV, in newspapers, on the radio or on the street (27%), advertising on the web and on social networks (21%). However, there are those who personally search the web for platforms (50% of the players of illegal sites, 38% of those of legal sites). From the answers of the interviewees emerges the difficulty of distinguishing between those who operate legally and those who do it outside of any rule. Just as it is clear that there is no clear awareness of the dangers of illegal online gaming: only 25% of players know the risks, against 53% of the total interviewees. A fact attributable to the fact that the reputation of the sites is similar and without distinction. “The reason is soon said – comments Marasco – and must be sought in the law that establishes the ban on advertising and which has produced effects that go in the opposite direction to that which It is clear that the ban to which all legal gambling sites are obliged has opened the way to illegal sites which, not having to comply with any rules, have had and still have their hands free. Who plays on illegal sites often he does not know it but it is good to remember that it is a criminal offense “. The ‘good publicity’ of legal sites is, on the other hand, one of the tools for protecting players, as it warns against the risks and dangers faced by those who decide to play outside the rules. “For a long time, even before the ” introduction of the ban, we are urging the sector to adopt a discipline to regulate advertising – reiterates Marasco – We as an association have regulated ourselves, because we are aware of the fact that the system could not go on like this, both for users and operators We are therefore the first not to want to return to the situation prior to the ban, but we have unfortunately found that the latter not only has not opposed gambling addiction, but has even favored those who operate illegally. With enormous damage to society, companies and consumers “. The survey also intercepted the orientation of the players on the usefulness of the advertising ban. And the answers were clear, but also divisive: 35% believe that the ban has made users less informed and therefore less protected and 31% are aware that it has increased illegal gaming. However, this does not prevent the majority of respondents (51% of the sample) from considering a positive aspect of the ban, namely the closure with a past characterized by chaotic and indiscriminate advertising mechanisms in a missing or inactivated regulatory context. ” attributes a divisive character to the rule on the ban – concludes Marasco – The conviction of the uselessness of the ban itself expressed by most of the interviewees, in fact, clashes with the fear of a return to the past, on which everyone has responsibilities, and with the a tendency to further postpone the discussion on new communication methods. For our part – comments the president of Logico – we believe that we must go beyond the ban, then remove it but to ensure a different advertising exposure than in the past “.

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