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For Pirelli’s 150th anniversary, the Calendar is On the Road with Bryan Adams


Nov 29, 2021

A calendar that no longer takes the form of a calendar, but which remains one of the most anticipated end-of-year events. It is The Cal by Pirelli which in the 2022 edition – which returns after the forced break of last year and accompanies the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Group – takes the form of an LP in honor of the chosen photographer, Canadian rocker Bryan Adams, who in the last 15 years has also built a solid reputation as a photographer, immortalizing hundreds of public figures, from Queen Elizabeth to Mick Jagger. But the case of the Cal 2022 does not hide a vinyl but in over 160 pages the portraits of a group of musicians (including Adams himself) immortalized between Los Angeles and Capri: iconic figures of pop history such as Cher and myths of rock transgression such as Iggy Pop, but also – closer to us – artists like Jennifer Hudson, recognized heir to Aretha Franklin, and glam divas like Rita Ora, in a kaleidoscope of images with a very different cut, from grainy black and white behind the scenes to hues ringing by the pool, which fit perfectly into the tradition of Cal. Now in its 48th edition, the calendar, which as always will be reserved for a selected audience and is preparing to become an object of desire for collectors, ‘gives’ an extra linked to the origins of its author: in fact, on the sidelines of the shots , Bryan Adams (“in one day” explains) wrote a song called ‘On the Road’, like the Calendar itself, and which will be included in his next album. “This Calendar was born from the idea that musicians can only going on tour, being ‘on the road’ is what I and the other protagonists of the photos have done for most of our lives. I tried to represent some aspects of life ‘on the road’: for example, we musicians do not see never really the facade of the buildings in which we play, but always only the back: we see the artists’ entrance, the backstage, the basement “.” With Cher I wanted to try to capture backstage flashes – he observes – while for the cover photo , that see St. Vincent with a pick on his tongue I had this idea related to her being a great guitarist. She totally agreed, and I kept the pick in my pocket throughout the session. But we had already finished shooting when I remembered the pick, we reassembled the lights and in 15 minutes we shot what would later become the cover of the Cal “. The harmony between Adams, almost 50 years of career and more than 100 million records sold, and the portrayed characters was quite ‘natural’, explains the rocker: “The musicians understand each other almost automatically there is like an unwritten language”. But working on the images of The Cal, in a still context marked by the conditioning of the pandemic, it was – he explains – also a way of preparing to leave: “The tour was really my life, it was like another family that I missed because of Covid”. Calendar, underlines Marco Tronchetti Provera, CEO of the Pirelli group, on the sidelines of the presentation of the 2022 edition, “we want to allow free artists to express themselves, a freedom that – as in this particular case – expresses the sign of the times. Bryan Adams with this ‘on the road’ reflects this getting back into motion. Sometimes generations have to stop, in the past for enormous tragedies, we for a pandemic, but then the world starts again. It is the journey that unites us “. It is the calendar – he recalls – that will accompany the ‘first 150 years of Pirelli’, which fall precisely in 2022, an appointment for which” we are thinking of global initiatives that represent a moment of transition which is also a commitment for the future “. 2022” will not be a celebration but the beginning of the next 150 years “for a company that” from the original Pirelli, today maintains its commitment to innovation, but also the ‘attention to Italianness “. The background, the images of the shooting, the recording of the presentation, the stories and the characters of the Pirelli 2022 Calendar are available on the website www.pirellicalendar.com which allows you to explore the history of The Cal.

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