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BMW alongside the Teatro alla Scala for the premiere on 7 December


Nov 29, 2021

BMW Italia symbolically closes the year of celebrations for the 50 years of cultural activities of the BMW Group in the world with the traditional evening of 7 December at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. This year the new season will be inaugurated by Macbeth, directed by maestro Riccardo Chailly and directed by Davide Livermore. In 1971, exactly 50 years ago, the cultural commitment of the BMW Group began, commissioning three paintings from Gerhard Richter. Since then, more than a hundred long-term BMW Group cultural initiatives in the fields of modern and contemporary art, classical music, jazz and sound, as well as architecture and design, have been consolidated over the decades. . BMW Italia has always played a leading role in the cultural panorama of the BMW Group with prestigious partnerships and high profile initiatives. The Italian branch of the House of Monaco has been a partner of the Teatro alla Scala since 2002 as “Official Supplier” and since 2005 as “Official Partner of the Inaugural Evening”. Since 2016, on the occasion of the BMW Group’s centenary and 50 years of presence in our country, the Italian branch has become the “Supporting Founder” of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. launch of new products, such as the last three generations of the BMW 7 Series and in 2013 of the BMW i3, the first electric car of the BMW Group. Piccoli “, which has formed new generations of audiences for opera and concerts and has already brought hundreds of thousands of very young listeners to the Piermarini hall, who have been able to appreciate the great titles of the opera repertoire reduced and adapted to dramaturgical structures made to measure for child. “The relationship with the Teatro alla Scala – said Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and CEO of BMW Italia – represents a flower for us flagship within the panorama of cultural activities that our company has always supported and nurtured. The passion for culture, pride in the extraordinary qualities of our country, which represents world excellence in terms of art, knowledge, tradition and creativity, unites us to the theater. But we are also united by research and the desire to innovate without ever denying our roots, projecting our values ​​into the future. In fact, we both knew how to be protagonists of the past, but we are also in the present and we want to be in the future, interpreting changes in advance, as in the case of sustainability which is an essential aspect of our strategy and our way of proposing ourselves to the public ” The promotion of cultural activities – together with intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, road safety and sustainability – is one of the pillars of BMW Italia through SpecialMente, the integrated corporate social responsibility program of BMW Group Italia, which has been able to transform its commitment to sustainability in creating long-term value for all stakeholders.During over 50 years of presence on the Italian market, BMW Italia has been alongside many institutions such as the Teatro alla Scala, the Fai, the Triennale di Milano, the Maxxi in Rome, the Opera House, the Prada Foundation, the Quadriennale of art, the Mia Fair, the Int Festival international cinema in Rome and much more. Even in a difficult macroeconomic scenario due to the pandemic that has hit the world since the beginning of 2020, the Italian branch has confirmed its commitment and the projects it has started. “The cultural commitment – has Di Silvestre declared – is a fundamental part of our corporate social responsibility program and we believe it is a duty for a leading company like ours to return part of the success that the market recognizes to the company in which we operate. ” this sense – continued Di Silvestre – also during 2020 and 2021, we remained close to the realities that we have supported for some time such as the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Opera House in Rome, the Prada Foundation, the Milanesiana, Arteparco and we have activated new initiatives such as ‘One of a million’ where art and sustainability dialogue to make an important contribution to current issues. We also paid tribute to an icon of our cultural heritage like Gillo Dorfles who for years accompanied us on our journey on design and research with Mini. “” Corporate citizenship and intercultural dialogue – concluded Di Silvestre – are constitutive elements of our strategy and our way of operating on the market and in society. Unconditional creative freedom and sustainable and long-term cooperation are essential to create a true partnership in the cultural field. The shared experience, human contact and knowledge allow an interaction that goes beyond mere sponsorship and represent the added value that we try to bring to all the partnerships we activate in our country “. Details on CSR activities of Bmw Italia can be consulted on the website www.specially.bmw.it.

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