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E-commerce, two Italians in their thirties launch Bazar, the first virtual salesman


Nov 27, 2021

Never before, thanks to the pandemic and periods of forced isolation, have we understood the value of relationships. Whether they are real or virtual, it doesn’t matter, they need to be there. And right at this moment, when e-commerce has fully entered the life of each of us, growing exponentially during the lockdown period, revolutionize the way of shopping online, as a function of greater empathy , a bit like what happens in a real shop, is the innovative idea of ​​two Italian entrepreneurs in their thirties who gave life to Bazar: the first virtual salesman. Equipped with an artificial intelligence developed ad hoc by a team of experts in the sector, Bazar will be able to relate to the customer, understand their needs, give advice to best meet their needs. In addition, he will remember every conversation, creating an exclusive, unique, empathetic and personalized relationship. “Within Ciaobazar.com, the e-commerce Marketplace will be present throughout Europe with more than 100 thousand products ready for delivery and shipments starting from 24 hours, and with prices lower than any other sales platform, and the customer will be welcomed by Bazar, a nice virtual salesman who will assist him during the purchases “, explains Daniele Vella, Co Founder of the project. “The robot will ‘fly’ during the scrolling of the website and when the customer wants it, he will be able to interact with him via chat and receive all the information he needs. Bazar is an artificial intelligence product capable of establishing an active and empathic relationship with each customer. But not only that, he will be able to understand his needs, tastes and interests, in order to best satisfy his needs, saving him unnecessary hours of navigation “. Furthermore, Bazar will have the ability to memorize every conversation it has had and, with the information stored, it will give life to an exclusive and personalized relationship so as to even joke and ironize with the customer himself. The robot is developed with a graphic engine that allows it to come to life as if it were in a video game or 3D film in real time, in this way the consumer can urge it, move it and so on. “Bazar is a totally new approach, even with respect to classic salesman – explains Marcello Pellegrini, the co Founder – He can understand, for example, if a person lives alone or lives together and based on this he orders the presentation of the products according to specific criteria. If a customer is single and is looking for a washing machine, Bazar will first present small washing machines, then those with a higher capacity, also proposing other products that could be suitable for the consumer’s needs “. The care for the end customer, he notes, “will be at the highest levels, with live chat, post assistance and status updates on the order with automated messages via whatsapp. In addition, the FeedBazar (internal social coming soon) where customers will be able to share reviews, photos, video reviews in exchange for BazarPoint and popularity within the website “. CiaoBazar.com will be developed in an excellent way not only for final customers but also for sellers, that is the sellers who will offer their products on the platform. The virtual salesman, Bazar, was born in Electrono, a virtual world where all robots live to create and sell products to a few human beings who have knowledge of the planet itself. Bazar will begin to ship products to earth directly so that prices are not subject to speculation by those few who control the thriving e-commerce market. In the last year and a half, the universe of online purchases has had a widespread diffusion on a global scale, as shown by the Salesforce Shopping Index report. In the first three months of 2021 it grew by 58%, marking a + 17% compared to the same period in 2020, the year in which its value was 48.25 billion euros. Buying online has now become a mass phenomenon and it is therefore necessary that it adapts more and more to the emotional needs of people, opening up to a more empathic and humanized approach.

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