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Webuild: ‘Serena’ cutter reaches Brenner, excavation of Mules 2-3 batch reaches 82%


Nov 26, 2021

The ‘Serena’ cutter reached the Brenner Pass, after having excavated over 14km of tunnel in 3.5 years of activity. This concludes the excavation of the exploratory tunnel on the Italian side of the Brenner Base Tunnel, the sustainable megaproject that will connect Italy to Austria through the Alps, commissioned by Bbt Se. The new milestone brings to 82% the completion of the excavation of the Mules 2-3 lot, a result achieved also thanks to Progetto Italia, which allowed Webuild to take over from Astaldi and continue this strategic project for sustainable mobility between Italy and Europe. A note communicates it. For the Webuild group, the meeting was attended by Claudio Lautizi, General Manager Global Operations, and Nicola Meistro, Director Domestic Operations, who declared: “Today’s event fills us with pride, because with the Brenner works we are contributing to construction of one of the most challenging and most sustainable engineering works in the world. This project is also the symbol of Progetto Italia, the industrial operation that allowed Webuild to take over from Astaldi in an arrangement, guaranteeing the completion of a strategic work for the ‘All of Europe, preserving so many jobs. Special thanks to the workers, who have allowed the work to progress despite the many complexities, applying the most rigorous principles of safety protection. Today Italy – he continued – is experiencing a moment of exceptional activism in the programming and implementation of a plan for new infrastructural works that we must seize, by carrying out a c I’m taking a step towards a virtuous public-private collaboration that we have already successfully experienced in the construction of the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge and that we must extend to the whole country, starting with this project “. Webuild, the note recalls, was involved in 4 lots of the Brenner Base Tunnel, of which 2 are now under construction, 1 completed and 1 just awarded, confirming the fundamental role played in the realization of one of the most challenging works from the point of engineering view now under construction in Europe. On the Italian side, in addition to the Mules 2-3 construction lot, it is building the Underpassing Isarco lot, together with a supply chain that for both lots is made up of over 1,000 direct suppliers. On the Austrian side, it has recently acquired the Gola del Sill-Pfons construction lot and has already completed the Tulfes-Pfons lot, again for the Bbt Se client. The mega lot Mules 2-3, the largest of the construction lots planned for the construction of the entire work, involves the construction of 65km of tunnels of different sections, partly excavated with the traditional method and partly with the use of mechanical cutters. To date, around 900 people (direct workers) have been involved in its construction.

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a strategic project for the country’s sustainable mobility with a strong European dimension. It plays a fundamental role in the transnational HS / HC connection between Italy and Austria, but is also a central element of the Scan-Med corridor, the backbone of the Ten-T transport system, which will connect Helsinki in Finland to Valletta, on the island of Malta. Once completed, it will be the longest railway tunnel in the world and will make it possible to connect Fortezza to Innsbruck along a 64km route, reducing travel times by 69%, from the current 80 minutes to 25 minutes. For its realization, design choices have been made that take into account the sustainability of the project, aimed at reducing the overall impact on the territory during the entire construction phase: the site logistics has been designed to reduce the transport times of materials. and measures are planned to reduce dust and noise, with consequent benefits in terms of environmental sustainability. As for today’s event in the Mules 2-3 construction lot, technically known as ‘Tunnel Boring Machine’ (Tbm), the Serena cutter has a diameter of 6.85m, is almost 300m long and weighs 1,500 tons. Today it concludes its excavation activities and will be dismantled inside the tunnel itself, through a procedure made complex by the lack of large maneuvering spaces, which will be implemented in compliance with very high safety standards and thanks to the support of highly qualified personnel. the Group disposes. With its 2,800kW, in these years of activity the Serena cutter has operated as a real underground factory, guaranteeing a progressive advancement of the excavation of 4km per year despite the complexities linked to the Covid situation.

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