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Gorno Tempini: “Cdp strategic plan is not a list of good intentions but a tool that gives future direction”


Nov 25, 2021

“The new plan is not a list of detailed actions, even if there are planned areas of intervention, nor a list of good intentions, but a tool that gives indications for present operations and direction for the next few years”. This was stated by the president of CDP, Giovanni Gorno Tempini, opening the press conference to present the new Plan. “The Cassa is called in a context of relaunch in an unprecedented situation. A challenge that calls for a sense of great responsibility to bridge the existing gaps and intercept the drivers of global growth that will define the country tomorrow” and, he continues, “not we only talk about sustainability, but also about gender equality on which there is still a lot to do “.” The plan looks to the future at how the Cassa can and should become for 2024. The three-year period ahead is crucial. development of the country of tomorrow passes through the NRP, a European instrument that we must fully grasp, with the awareness of how crucial a structural and non-passing momentum is to give impetus to the economy “. Gorno Tempini continued, “Today Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is called upon to do its part in a context of relaunch that represents an unprecedented opportunity for Italy. The Strategic Plan for the three-year period 2022-2024 looks to the future with a great sense of responsibility and awareness of our abilities and our objectives: to be increasingly a driving force for the sustainable development of the country and to achieve a significant impact on an economic, social and environmental “, he concluded.

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