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Mastrapasqua: “No to another Inpgi, private social security institutions and the government anticipate the inevitable transition to INPS”


Nov 25, 2021

Avoid another Inpgi or another Inpdai by making the government and private pension funds sit at the table, to design together the creation of a professional fund in the INPS that anticipates “an inevitable transition” of the members, “before a decree does” . In summary, this is the proposal launched through Adnkronos by the former president of the national welfare institute Antonio Mastrapasqua. The proposal, are the numbers that Mastrapasqua rattles off, affects about 20 social security institutions that collect one and a half million members. Of these, remember, eleven have fewer than 50,000 subscribers and only ten have a surplus in 2020 of more than 100 million. “These are very small numbers. Five even recorded an imbalance last year. It is difficult to speak of 50-year prospects in a scenario of this kind”. In fact, explains Mastrapasqua, his proposal arises precisely from this point: the obligation to constantly present sustainability plans on a fifty-year basis to the vigilant ministries. “At the World Economic Forum it was reiterated that 65% of children who attend primary school today will do jobs that do not exist today. What credibility can fifty-year projections of activities, including those of the cashiers, have when there are jobs – asks the former president of INPS – who will disappear in 10-15 years and among these, perhaps, some of the private coffers? “” Let’s stop – he says – let’s avoid having other stories like the Inpgi or the Inpdai, with the white flag. to get there. You stand with sandbags until the end to defend yourself, then you take out the flag and the State arrives through the INPS. The bags are already partly there, but we can also anticipate the white flag. Mastrapasqua insists – they can think about a fund for professionals, with their peculiarities and specificities, to guarantee that million and a half and not at the top, to have a pension, the right pension, the right solidarity in a world of Welfare that s profoundly changing, also in light of the considerations never denied, indeed to be taken into consideration, of the World Economic Forum on the professions that are disappearing and that are coming, some of which probably could also affect the coffers and hence also the fifty-year reliability that it leaves the time it finds, both for those who draw it up and for those who control it “. Right on the top, he continues,” I say it without malice, but in 2011 you will reset “those of the social security institutions incorporated into the INPS, including Inpdap and Enpals . “It was a duty, because they wanted to look after the members above all. Very often, even in the pension world, we look more at the top than at those who should get the benefits and services from these top management”. “The proposal I make – he explains – it is also based on the experience of having led the largest incorporation of many very very large specific realities. Now we are talking now about banks with 40 thousand members who, however, have a president, an administrator, an auditor, cars, a headquarters. The funds and the government should sit down at a table, each one renounces the prerogatives and privileges as has already happened. The pensioners Inpdap and Enpals are not in a different situation from the previous one, but they have more certainties. And retirement is certainty “, concludes the former president of the INPS.

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