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Black friday 2021, safe purchases: how to make them


Nov 25, 2021

Black Friday 2021 in the starting blocks. But how to shop safely? It starts tomorrow, Friday 26 November, but the discounts usually extend throughout the weekend. Well saving, however, watch out for the scam that is always lurking reminds studiocataldi.it. As noted by consumer associations, 60% of Italians intend to make at least one purchase, especially in view of Christmas. As Codacons explains, there are 27 million Italians ready to make purchases on the occasion of the next Black Friday, with an increase in buyers of 8% compared to 2020. 39% of Christmas gifts will be purchased during the week of discounts; 61% of shopping will take place online, while 39% of shopping will be concentrated in physical stores. Not just business for black friday, a medal that, as Renato Borghi, president of the Italy-Confcommercio Fashion Federation explains, has its reverse: “Estimates on sales volumes should not be read only positively because promotions in full season, at doors of Christmas, especially damage those operators of multi-brand stores who sacrifice a margin that, after the collapse of sales in 2020 and early 2021, has become more and more of survival “. In conclusion, therefore “it is good to reconcile the interests of economic and environmental sustainability, so our advice is to always buy in local shops, those of trust, where transparency and service, as well as the price, are more than guaranteed from Monday to Sunday. “. But with the approach of Black Friday, online fraud attempts increase: more than doubled between September and October in view of the appointment with discounted deals, passing 627,560 to 1,935,905, equal to a surge of 208%. From October 27 to November 19, in the period just before the sales season, 221,745 spam emails containing the words ‘Black Friday’ were recorded. These are mainly phishing attacks that reproduce fake pages for electronic payment during the purchase phase. Amazon is the most popular bait, and when shopping for discounted items, you first need to make sure that the prices shown are indeed offers. Unfortunately, the consumer has no way of making the comparison because he does not know the true starting price. Unless you keep an eye on the product and, in that case, making a comparison is a must. More difficult to do for online products.We also remember that buying with discounts does not take away the right of withdrawal and the guarantee on the products purchased. In particular, the right of withdrawal must be exercised within 14 days of purchase. It is possible to exchange the product and get the money back, not a simple voucher. The same applies to the guarantee: if the product has a lack of conformity or production, the consumer has the right to a replacement or refund of the amount paid Attention to payments: on the web it is better to use Paypal or prepaid cards and never communicate the personal data, by phone or by email. Never enter private data online. The padlock symbol on the address bar indicates the international security system.

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