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Super green pass, yes from restaurants and bars to avoid closures but impact on foreign tourism


Nov 24, 2021

The “enhanced” green pass is promoted by the operators of bars and restaurants. The ‘reinforced’ vaccination passport which will be operational from December 6 to January 15, is obtained only with vaccination or recovery and will regulate “access to shows, sporting events, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and discos, public ceremonies”, already in Zona Bianca and the trade associations are in agreement as long as it is possible to avoid the closures of public and more generally commercial establishments during the Christmas period. “Strengthening the measures to contain the contagion is fundamental both to save as many human lives as possible, and to avoid the hypothesis of new closures, especially in a delicate period like December. Before the pandemic, in fact, this month alone was worth about 9 billion euros for the catering sector, while this year the forecast is 7.2 billion. This is 10% of the turnover for the entire year and 22% more than the monthly average: too much for a sector that is trying to restart and that it cannot afford further closures or further uncertainties “comments Fipe Confcommercio. Confesercenti also warns that” companies can no longer afford to suspend their activities, and not even the country can afford it. Already the only fear of the fourth wave risks erasing 5.5 billion euros of consumption and 1.3% of GDP “. Therefore, businesses, from shops to public establishments, passing through accommodation and services activities, “are ready to offer maximum collaboration so that they can achieve the goal of spending the holidays in peace”, even if it warns that the super green pass “it will have a strong negative impact on the tourism economy, because it will prevent the arrival of millions of tourists who have not carried out one of the vaccines authorized in Italy”. The “strengthened” green pass, a tool adopted by the government to counter the fourth wave of Covid, “can only be obtained with vaccination or recovery. The validity of the super green pass drops from 12 to 9 months, while from next December 6 to January 15” the new transitional rules for colored areas “. The” basic “green pass, or the passport that can also be obtained with a simple swab, will be mandatory from 6 December, and this is a novelty, also for hotels, changing rooms for sporting activities, transport regional rail and local public transport.

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