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Black Friday, ManoMano analyzes the trends and buying habits of Italians


Nov 24, 2021

Most Italians (83%) plan to shop by taking advantage of the Black Friday discounts throughout the month of November; among them, 37% say they will buy something with certainty. This was revealed by a survey conducted by ManoMano, the leading European e-commerce of do-it-yourself, gardening and home furnishings, in collaboration with YouGov, on the occasion of Black Friday which falls on November 26 this year but for a week already. started with the offers officially kicking off Christmas shopping. Black Friday lives largely in the world of online purchases: the demographic data that emerged from the ‘ManoMano’ survey confirm that the initiatives related to this anniversary are more successful among the younger groups of the population (from 18 to 54 years old), as well as being slightly more exploited by women (85% vs 80% of men). The survey also provides interesting data on the participation of the Italian population on Black Friday from a geographical point of view. From what emerged, the inhabitants of Southern Italy (46%) and the Islands (47%) are more certain of making purchases than those who live in the North (30%) and the Center (34%). In the week of Black Friday 2020, on the other hand, the three regions in which the highest number of purchases were made on ‘ManoMano’ were Lombardy, Lazio and Piedmont. In these regions there was even a record of 300 purchases per second, mainly occurring in the time slot 22-23. The success of Black Friday is also partly due to its proximity to the Christmas period: 1 Italian out of 2 among those who will shop during Black Friday, in fact, take advantage of these offers to buy Christmas gifts. But not just gifts: ManoMano data confirm that Italians are starting to think well in advance of Christmas decorations for the home and in particular Christmas trees are in first place in the best-selling products in the Gardening sector with the November promotions. Among the best-selling items on ManoMano.it in first place this year we find electronics and household appliances (63%), especially for men. In second place, most desired by women, we find clothing and personal care products. In third place are household products (36%), a symptom of a growing desire of Italians to improve the environment that surrounds them every day. The survey also shows the perception that Italians have of Black Friday, 1 Italian out of 3 declares to take advantage of discounts to buy products they really need, while trying not to spend exaggerated figures (25%). Young people (18-34) let themselves be carried away by offers slightly more, also buying products they don’t really need (27% 18-24 vs 8% 55+), on the contrary the more adult public is not particularly influenced by offers (29% 55+ vs 18% of 18-54).

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