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Reclamations, new operational arm of the Mite


Nov 24, 2021

With the provisions of art. 43 of the Law Decree of 7 November 2021, n. 152, the areas of operation of the Commissioner for reclamations are expanded and the Structure is increased, which already made use of a specific and specialized task-force made available by the Carabinieri, now reinforced with the possibility of using other units. This is what is stated in a note from the Single Commissioner for Landfill Reclamation. Law Decree 152 – it reads – implements the actions of the NRP, with which the actions of the Single Commissioner Structure are also extended to cases of reclamation that are defined as ‘ordinary’ but of pre-eminent national interest for citizens and for the rehabilitation of the Country. According to this rule, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Regions may request the help of the Commissioner and the task force in the remediation of the sites deemed most suitable and of high priority. The commissioner functions are therefore increased, as the Commissioner, while continuing to operate in extraordinary cases for the resolution of European disputes, can be activated to reclaim and secure landfill sites and contaminated ones at the request of the Regions or at the request of the ministry. for the Ecological Transition as regards the Sites of National Interest (Sin), in both cases the sites to be reclaimed must already have their own funds which will subsequently be received by the Commissioner’s special accounting. The Structure will improve its effectiveness by making use of the work of three Sub Commissioners who will be able to carry out the important tasks of carrying out the administrative procedures underlying the reclamation works with greater responsibility, authority and speed. This legal reference therefore develops and makes more complete what was foreseen in 2019 by the Law Decree 14 October 2019, n. 111 cd. Climate Decree converted with Law 12 December 2019, n. 141 which had established the Commissarial Structure with the help of the Carabinieri to intervene in cases of European disputes. The Regions will be able to request help from the specialized Structure through a priority mechanism established at the State – Regions Conference, as well as the Ministry of Ecological Transition will be able, in agreement with the local authorities, to assign to the Commissioner the sites of greatest interest for carrying out the remediation actions. “Thanks to the exceptional work of General Vadalà, the Structure of the Single Government Commissioner for the reclamation of illegal landfills with the task force of the Carabinieri, in the four years of mission (2017-2021), has reclaimed or put in place safety 50 sites out of the 81 entrusted with an annual saving for the State of 21 million euros. We are now ready to strengthen the structure to further accelerate the actions of the State in the field of reclamation “, says the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani. For the undersecretary to the ministry of Ecological Transitone Ilaria Fontana, “the Single Commissioner together with the Carabinieri represent the best achievement of ‘doing and doing well and fast’ even in a complex sector such as reclamation. This decree has endowed ours Country and the Mite of a cohesive, reliable and dialoguing operational arm that can give environmental security to the populations. We have tried, as Government and Parliament, to implement considerable leverage in the environmental sector in the full interest of the Regions and the country system “. “In thanking Minister Cingolani for this regulatory action, thanks to this provision, we will be able to establish effective coordination and support activities with the Territorial Authorities, start and implement contracting authorities, continue to work with the Prefectures and the Judiciary, progress in the operational dialogue with research organizations, also by enhancing common collaborative actions. Acting and implementing the public-private relationship according to the needs of maximum transparency, to ensure clean-up well, guaranteeing all prevention and reporting activities against criminal infiltration in the sector – observes Giuseppe Vadalà – In this sense, the function of the Single Government Commissioner for landfill remediation with the Carabinieri task force is a function of synthesis, coordination, decision-making, assumption of economic responsibility for the interventions through the mechanism of special accounting and in a framework of common factor of the operational forces of management and execution of expenditure at central and territorial level. This rule improves the spending capacity in the reclamation sector, directing it in a more suitable and targeted way, with the help of the ministry and in close contact with the Regions, in a synergistic work aimed at the rehabilitation of the territory and the protection of the soil resource, such a strategic element for our country “.

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