• Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Super green pass, hotels: “It closes the doors to millions of foreign tourists”


Nov 24, 2021

The Super green pass is also valid for hotels in Italy. The measure proposed today in the control room – among the rules to stem the fourth covid wave – worries sector operators because, they say, it risks closing the doors of Italy to millions of foreign citizens who have been immunized with an unrecognized vaccine by the European Authority. This is the comment of the Federation of Confcommercio hoteliers on the measure of the Super Green Pass, contained in the decree dedicated to the provisions relating to Covid. “In this way – continues the note from Federalberghi – competing countries will be given an advantage, waiting with open arms for the millions of foreign tourists (Asian, Russian, Brazilian, etc.) that Italy is preparing to reject”. “This is a new blow that hits the sector, after the Bank of Italy certified that in the first eight months of 2021, the expenditure of foreign travelers in Italy decreased by almost 19 billion euros, with a decrease in 61.4% compared to 2019 “, continues the institution.” A further problem – states Federalberghi – concerns those who travel for work. We learn from the news that the simple green pass will suffice to access the workplace. Logic dictates that the same exemption must be granted to those who travel for work reasons and need to stay overnight “. “Among these, there are often the exponents of the police and those involved in transport activities. Without forgetting that there are not rare cases of people staying permanently in accommodation facilities, for work, study or health reasons” “Last, but not least – concludes the note – any restrictions that will be applied to official accommodation facilities must also be valid for short-term rentals. If this path were not followed, insult would be added to the damage: stays in official structures, which respect the rules, apply strict safety protocols and pay salaries, would be discouraged, while stays in accommodations that escape all rules would be encouraged and they evade all control “.

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