• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

TedexLuiss is back, objective: rebirth and the ability to reinvent itself


May 7, 2021

TedexLuiss is back with a new digital appointment entitled “Recharge” which sees nine speakers as protagonists (including a Luiss student) arriving from different parts of the world. Gathered in the Mario Arcelli Aula Magna of the Luiss Campus in Viale Pola and live on Cisco Webex, Saturday 8 May at 10 am, the speakers will create a multiple story around the theme of rebirth and the ability to reinvent oneself. More than a year after the start of the pandemic “the time has come to try to put our words and the projects we want to carry out in order. The idea of ​​vulnerability we have experienced must lose its destructive charge and turn into a unique opportunity of action for each of us “is the exhortation at the heart of the brainstorming. The fourth TedxLuiss edition was created thanks to the collaboration with Cisco Italia and WindTre. “The fourth edition of TedxLuiss is coming to our university with the explosive force of the ideas of nine speakers who – anticipates Giovanni Lo Storto, Director General of the Luiss Guido Carli University – on Saturday they will alternate on the stage of the Aula Magna of the Viale Pola Campus . Recharge: sustainability is unsustainable. This is the claim of TedxLuiss 2021. We are already inside the change. Our task, therefore, is to not stop it, to overturn priorities and to be the positive force that never ceases to drive towards a better future”. “Change is not a fire that suddenly breaks out and is gradually tamed, it is rather an exponential process capable of triggering a virtuous mechanism of actions and reactions” observes LO Storto. Gianmatteo Manghi, CEO of Cisco Italy, explains that “this event looks to the future with a positive perspective that Cisco shares. The role of technology, to enable inclusiveness and create new opportunities and new services, is fundamental; with this awareness, we are ready to support the ideas and energies aimed at overcoming the challenges that change imposes on us. We are happy to be able to contribute to the realization of TedxLuiss with our collaboration solutions “. Finally Rossella Gangi, Human Resources director of WindTre, explains that the player “supports TedxLuiss 2021, an important opportunity to share innovative ideas that will inspire the world of the future. We feel particularly close to the key theme of this edition, Recharge. In the delicate phase we are experiencing. – explains the manager – we all need to find energy and momentum towards the future to build a new normality, based on a sense of responsibility, trust and inclusion in which everyone, with courage, takes action to make a difference “. “Recharge” tells stories and ideas that deserve to be heard, with protagonists from different fields called to the stage to imagine a restart: from institutions to sport, from art to medicine, from entrepreneurship to education and politics, a mix of talents chosen for the courage and determination with which they went to meet change alongside thinkers and experts who are authoritative for their commitment and competence.