• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Tech Share Day 2021, Italian environmental technologies on show


May 4, 2021

Digital transition and ecological transition are at the heart of national and European policies and investment in technology and innovation is today a strategic contribution to the industrial, economic and social growth of our country. This path includes the online event ‘Tech Share Day 2021’, from 5 to 7 May 2021, organized by Netval, Uibm, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic Development, with the support of the Polytechnic of Turin. An opportunity to discuss Green Economy, environmental sustainability and to get to know Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST), or the ‘green technologies’, those innovations that are less polluting and more sustainable than the status quo of the reference sector, which can make a qualitative leap to industries and concretely contribute to the sustainable development of our country. The event will be developed with 9 webinars that will address cross-cutting issues such as Agritech, the challenges of packaging, the sustainability of infrastructures, the production of new materials from organic waste, new energy sources from hydrogen to alternative solutions for production. of clean energy and drinking water. All the numerous technologies connected to the topics of discussion can then be visited, with the possibility of deepening and contacting the inventors, on the Knowledge Share platform, the Italian reference showcase of technologies patented by public research, such as Universities, Research Centers, Hospitalization Institutes. and Scientific Care (Irccs). “‘Scientific’ Italy must create a system and the tools at our disposal are innovation, internationalization without forgetting territorial marketing – observes Fabio De Furia, president of the Miami Scientific Italian Community (partner for the second year) – Italian universities, scientific laboratories and research centers know how to express incredible excellence in the field of research aimed at the new frontiers of the environmental sector “. “The role and commitment of the Miami Scientific Italian Community (MSIC) has always been aimed at encouraging relations between researchers, making available technologies accessible and supporting Italian companies that are entering foreign markets, in this case in the USA, offering them all the excellence in the fields of Innovation, Research, Technology Transfer, Infrastructures and partnerships to achieve a better fruitful international cooperation “.