• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

The road to recovery, Cottarelli guest at Bper and Arca Fondi event


May 7, 2021

A digital event organized by Bper Banca and Arca Fondi Sgr took place last night on the Crowdcast platform. Guest professor and economist Carlo Cottarelli, Director of the Observatory on Italian Public Accounts of the Catholic University, who presented his latest book “To hell and back. For our social and economic rebirth ”. Cottarelli outlined the new national and international context on the border between the pandemic crisis and the much-desired recovery. Retracing the salient features of the text, the economist wished to “see Italy give everyone a chance, removing the obstacles that prevent the full development of the human person. It is with this hope, inspired by art. 3 of the Constitution – added Cottarelli – that I wrote the most political of my books, even if it comes from those who are not politicians. A work that starts from Italy in the health emergency to outline those inevitable radical reforms in society and in the economy that our country requires. We have enormous resources and strengths – he concluded – of which we must be fully aware to look to the future with optimism ”. The online appointment, moderated by Andrea Cabrini, Director of Class Cnbc, was also attended by Pierpio Cerfogli, Deputy General Manager and Chief Business Officer of Bper Banca and Simone Bini Smaghi, Deputy General Manager of Arca Fondi Sgr. “From Cottarelli’s words – underlined Cerfogli – important ideas emerge that must make us reflect on the way forward for the recovery of the country. Italy is called to manage a delicate phase, which can and must turn into an unmissable opportunity if the resources available are managed in a virtuous way and if politics and social partners are willing to collaborate in a profitable way, setting up structural reforms. The role of banks will once again be central to identifying the best support strategies for businesses and families ”. Simone Bini Smaghi added that “Cottarelli’s new book, like the previous ones, are always of great interest especially for young people who must have confidence in their abilities and opportunities so that our country can resume a sustained and sustainable growth path, respectful of our environment ”The event registered over 1000 participants.