• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Covid, theme and water parks in the square for the right to the dignity of 60,000 employees


May 7, 2021

The characters of the cartoons most loved by children take to the streets to defend the right to magic of amusement parks and the human and professional dignity of over 60,000 workers, including permanent, seasonal and related employees, strongly worried about their future, of the decisions of a government that has systematically ignored the demands of the category. The event, organized by the Italian Permanent Parks Association adhering to Confindustria, will take place in Rome in Piazza del Popolo on Tuesday 11 May at 11:30 am and follows the petition # NO1luglio, which in a few days has already collected tens of thousands of signatures and which it will continue even after the event, in order to anticipate the green light for the theme and water parks, currently scheduled for 1 July. In perfect harmony with the fun and cheerful atmosphere that animates the amusement parks dedicated to families, the event will be peaceful and colorful, suitable for children, with lots of music, balloons and a stage on which cartoon characters and mascots will parade. protagonists of the sector: the parks of the Costa Edutainment group, Leolandia, MagicLand, Mirabilandia, Zoomarine, Gardaland and many others. A way to thank the many visitors who, with patience and a sense of responsibility, continue to wait for the trust and support received. the reopening, but also the opportunity for a recall to the institutions, guilty of having ignored the requests of the sector and having unjustly postponed the green light to July.Giuseppe Ira, president of the Italian Permanent Parks Association and of Leolandia (BG), declares: “The government is playing with the future of thousands of workers, many of whom are seasonal and have lost all subsidies since April 30. institutions cannot continue to ignore us. We ask to be able to open earlier, as happens abroad and as it would be logical after the statements by Prime Minister Mario Draghi referring to the invitation to foreign tourists to return to Italy starting from 15 May. It would be unfortunate if tourists found only the theme parks closed: ours are safe, outdoor activities and the protocols established last year have proved to work perfectly “. The Italian Permanent Parks Association also recalls that, in 14 months of crisis , the companies in the sector have not received refreshments and funding, despite the huge fixed costs: Minister Franceschini, who represents the sector at an institutional level, has never received the Association’s representatives to date. is made available for a comparison and confirmed its willingness to activate the functional process for the passage of the permanent parks under the Ministry of Tourism: a passage that would entail important facilitations.The sector is made up of about 230 structures including theme and wildlife parks , adventure and water sports. In 2019 it generated a turnover of more than 400 million euros and 25,000 jobs direct ro (between permanent and seasonal employees). Figures that rise to 2 billion euros and 60,000 employees respectively, considering the related industries consisting of hotels, restaurants, merchandising, maintenance and other ancillary services. In 2020, 20% of parks completely renounced the opening, 5 Italian parks passed under the control of foreign investment funds and 10,000 seasonal jobs were lost.