• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Investors explore space, ESA and Enea Tech agreement


May 7, 2021

The collaboration agreement between the European Space Agency and Enea Tech is launched to identify common opportunities and strategies for the development of projects and technologies in the New Space Economy sector. Enea Tech manages the largest Italian fund for technology transfer set up by the Ministry of Economic Development with an endowment of 500 million euros. ESA and Fondo del Mise underline that the Space Economy “is one of the most effective and innovative engines of economic growth, recognized as such also by the OECD, and expresses its effectiveness and its potential beyond the boundaries of the space sector in the strict sense”. Constant innovation and a new model of public-private partnership, continue Enea Tech and ESA, “are the keys to fostering its development and strengthening its national competitiveness”. In line with their specific missions, Enea Tech and Esa will collaborate in the planning and implementation of activities aimed at identifying, developing and activating specific projects in the space industry, an economic sector of great vitality for the new challenges of the sector, but very interesting for the technological and practical implications that the most advanced discoveries also have in everyday life on earth. In particular, ESA and Enea Tech will elaborate a joint strategy to favor the meeting between space research and the investor community; together they will elaborate Grand Challenges centered on the themes of the space economy. The European Space Agency will provide advice and scientific support to Enea Tech on technological due diligence relating to potential investments while Enea Tech will provide its support for the Esa Global Space Markets Challenge 2021, also through participation in the pre-selection commission. The president of Enea Tech, Anna Tampieri, stresses that “space activities are expanding globally and never before has the space economy aroused so much interest”. “More and more aspects of our life are based on satellite signals and data, stimulating significant economic investments, just as – Tampieri points out – many of the systems developed for space environments find new uses in the fields of medicine, environmental purification and water, innovative materials “. In this scenario, Tampieri points out that “a new agreement by Enea Tech to continue to structure the Italian and international network of innovation in a strategic area such as the Space Economy, can only be conceived with ESA, the major player in Europe and among the most important in the world “. “The collaboration – explains the president of Enea Tech – will be particularly important for the scouting and evaluation of technologies in the sector and for the elaboration of strategic projects. Furthermore, we will launch together technological challenges on specific areas of deep tech on which we are already receiving. requests for intervention, such as advanced materials and air mobility “. The agreement is presented today, at 3.00 pm, with the online event “Space Economy Deep Tech” which will see the participation of the Italian ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, Luca del Monte, Head of Industrial Policy and Sme Division ESA, and by Anna Tampieri, president of Enea Tech. During the event, space will be discussed as an economic enabler that responds to the needs of society and citizens, offering solutions for the benefit of the Earth and sustainability.