• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Social Trump: donations and posts on the new blog (waiting for his private Twitter)


May 7, 2021

After the ban from all social networks and the most important payment platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Paypal, Stripe, Shopify), Donald Trump launches his new site with an operation that at least leaves the American media perplexed. The promised “independent” social network, in fact, is currently little more than a blog, with the possibility for users to share content on Facebook and Twitter, but without interacting. Jason Miller, Trump’s communication strategist, was quick to explain that this is not the expected platform, and that there will soon be big news. The new media, in fact, looks more like a ploy to circumvent the ban undergone by social networks while being able to share its contents without comments and continue in parallel. To donate, however, you go to WinRed, an online fundraising platform that in recent weeks has had to silence a large number of Trump supporters who accused it of fraud, repaying over 122 million dollars (11 % of the amount collected in the entire campaign for the presidential elections 2020). The fault of a very unclear disclaimer, which, with two pre-selected boxes (to be manually deselected), donation and made it periodic, especially during the hottest period of the election campaign. In fact, according to a Times investigation, banks and credit card companies received a large number of complaints for fraud related to donations in favor of Trump at the end of 2020. However, this did not prompt WinRed to change its modus operandi. By accessing the “Contribute” section from Trump’s official website, the preselected boxes are always there. WinRed was launched in 2019 in response to ActBlue (the very strong platform of the Democrats) and received an endorsement to the limits of legality from the Republican party and from the same Trump administration. Convinced of the need to merge all donations into a single channel, in order not to disperse the wealth of data on donors and potential voters, from the headquarters of the Republicans they adopted the hard line, and just over a year ago they intimated to all candidates to use WinRed, under threat of cutting funds. Not only that: they also closed the “competing” fundraising platform Give.gop (always in support of the Republican party), and threatened legal action against its founder. In the meantime, the struggle between the former president and social networks continues: Facebook’s decision to confirm the ban for another 6 months (Twitter’s is permanent). Trump responded, from his new website, accusing Zuckerberg’s creature of being part of a corrupt system led by left-wing extremists, and heralding popular uprising. Facebook and Twitter are already on alert, and have warned: the re-sharing of content from the new site is under observation, and will only be allowed as long as the guidelines are not violated.