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Cafà: “Cifa, Fonarcom and Confsal together to renew the industrial relations system”


“Quality has never been a key word in collective bargaining. With Cifa and Confsal we had to try to renew the relationship between employers and workers and, therefore, the renewal had to speak more of dialogue than conflict. So we signed an interconfederal agreement. to renew the industrial relations system which is based on two pillars: training and welfare “. Andrea Cafà, president of Cifa and Fornarcom, said today, speaking at the first #IlLavorocontinua Forum organized by the interprofessional fund Fonarcom, together with Cifa and Confsal. “We imagined – he explains – an employer who must be less of a controller and must ask for greater participation in company activities, on the other hand we must have a worker who must have greater autonomy, awareness and reach objectives within the agreed time. to the needs of companies and workers in the sector, make up for the absence of a general labor regulation tool, and the level of minimum guarantee payments, and offer a mapping of ict profiles, with their specific skills, in line with European standards. To date, in fact, professional profiles were not officially recognized in their specificity and for this reason they were improperly assimilated to figures belonging to other sectors, such as those of metalworking and trade “. Andrea Cafà then spoke about the innovations introduced, “starting from the contractual framework, no longer divided into levels but into categories professional re. It incorporates the figures proposed by the European e-CF system and by our Atlas of work and qualifications, duly integrated thanks to the permanent observatory for the mapping of digital skills, new role profiles and new organizational models, set up within the framework of the table. technical. This CCNL also adopts the new skills classification system introduced by Cifa and Confsal “.” Among the innovative institutes – he underlines – the performance bonus, to be paid to the worker who achieves the agreed objectives. For the social partners, in fact, it is important to define new parameters for evaluating work, favoring the criteria of responsibility and effectiveness with respect to the number of hours worked “.” To support – he adds – the insertion and reintegration in the company processes onboarding, for new hires, and re-employment, for particular disadvantaged categories. In both cases, job rotation initiatives and continuous training activities are envisaged, with the aim of encouraging the diversification of skills and the development of unexpressed potential “.” The active notice – he emphasizes – is instead intended for the relocation of outgoing workers , as an active policy to support employment and mobility. The ‘step of competence’ and the ‘contractual certification of competences’ are regulated, with which an economic value is recognized to the professional growth of the worker, growth supported by training financed by Fonarcom, the interprofessional fund of Cifa and Confsal “.


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