• Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Space, agreement between ASI and International Space University


Oct 27, 2021

Six Italian candidates will be selected by the Italian Space Agency who will participate from next year in university training courses in space disciplines at the ISU, the International Space University. The opportunity, reports the Italian Space Agency, derives from a three-year agreement signed today and tacitly renewable for a further three years by the president of ASI, Giorgio Saccoccia, and by the president of the ISU – and also current number one of the IAF-International Astronautical Federation – Pascale Ehrenfreund. The signed memorandum is part of the ASI training policy for the younger generation of university students and is the result of a long collaboration between the two bodies that already in 2015 had signed a similar agreement dedicated to university higher education in the space field. According to the agreement, the ASI will have the task of providing personnel and professionals for the courses; involve the Italian industry in dedicated conferences; evaluate the possibility of making the structures of the ASI for higher education available to the HDI and promote the Isu programs among young Italian professionals. The International Space University is an institution dedicated to the discovery, research and development of outer space and its applications for peaceful purposes, through international and multidisciplinary research and education programs. The Italian Space Agency recalls that “according to its institutional mission, it promotes projects and actions to extend the knowledge of aerospace sciences aimed at the growth of young Italian students and researchers in national and international bodies, institutions and companies linked to the implementation of educational policy projects at university level “. The Agency’s strategy, explains ASI, “is to pursue the possibility for young university students to have access to on-the-job training adequate to the necessary skills that the sector requires”. The ASI is committed to consortium universities on specific issues that allow students to offer opportunities for growth and training both nationally and internationally and in industries.