• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

At Expo Dubai H-Farm presents the future of education


Oct 27, 2021

A new, revolutionary educational standard that designs a more dynamic school profiled on the student’s abilities: H-FARM presents for the first time to an exclusive audience like that of Expo 2020 Dubai the international training project H-FARM MY SCHOOL. “The Future of Education”, the future of education, is in fact the title of the interactive installation that H-FARM, the only European player in education present at the Dubai exhibition, created for the Dubai pavilion Cares, the organization nonprofit that works to provide access to quality education for children and young people in developing countries. Technological, with the use of virtual and augmented reality, multi-channel with the possibility of enjoying live or on-demand lessons, in multi-presence to share the experience of the class even if from different places in the world, personalized with the possibility of adapting the path of studies on the needs of each student: the school on display in Dubai, designed by a team of transversal figures including designers, 3D experts, programmers but above all the teachers of the H-FARM schools, if on the one hand it prepares with excellent contents, made even more interesting thanks to 3D animation, on the other hand it speaks the language of young people, promoting socialization and collaboration. Visitors will be able to try 3 VR lessons: the first dedicated to space exploration, the second to human anatomy, the third to a drawing lesson. All these lessons were developed by BigRock, the leading school in Italy for visual effects and video games and part of H-FARM Education. “We are proud to be able to present a project that looks to the future of training, exploring new opportunities for teaching and learning. ” comments Riccardo Donadon, CEO of H-FARM “Thanks to Dubai Cares who wanted to present our vision of a new school, a place that is no longer just physical but multichannel that can bring students into the classroom even virtually. More technological, more profiled, more innovative, more suited to understanding the needs of families, closer to children: this is the future of education. ” Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled to run until March 31, 2022 and is expected to attract 25 million visits, 70 percent of which will come from foreign countries. It will be the first Expo in which the majority of visitors will come from places across the border.