• Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Rome, electric air taxis arrive: take off in 2024


Oct 27, 2021

Electric air taxis are the new frontier of urban mobility and the pioneer will be the city of Rome which will see their take-off in 2024. Volocopter, Atlantia and Aeroporti di Roma will bring them to the capital, announcing their partnership today. Together with the National Civil Aviation Authority and ENAV, this pool of companies is in fact committed to bringing highly sustainable innovation to the aviation field. Urban air mobility will be part of the solution for heavily congested urban centers around the world. As a completely new mobility service, it will offer battery-powered and therefore emission-free air transport for people and goods. Together with the Italian authorities and regulatory bodies and with the full support of Atlantia, Aeroporti di Roma and Volocopter will sensitize passengers and public opinion on the advantages of Uam, Urban Air mobility, and will pave the way to bring it to Italy within the next 2-3 years. . In particular, the new service will connect the “Leonardo da Vinci” international hub with various locations in Rome, through vertical airports. This will allow quality travel in full comfort, significantly reducing both urban traffic congestion and CO2 emissions, as VoloCity’s 18 engines operate in electric mode. Rome is one of the first cities in Europe to have decided to bring services of urban air mobility to its citizens with Volocopter. Paris has approved a partnership to bring electric air taxis to the city in time for the 2024 Olympic Games.