• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Colla (Emilia Romagna): “Philip Morris Innovation Center is a hub that holds the supply chain together”


Oct 26, 2021

“We are talking about a great innovation hub for the country, an excellence that holds a supply chain together”. This was stated by Vincenzo Colla Councilor for economic development and green economy, work, training, speaking at the inauguration of the new Center for Industrial Excellence, the largest in the world of Philip Morris International for industrialization, process innovation, engineering and sustainability, which was held today in Crespellano (Bologna). “We think that there is an ingredient – he added – in this Region, there is a strategy that gives guarantees to investments. Why does an entrepreneur make an investment here? Companies would not come to invest if there was a desert. Here they are. institutions, universities, social partners who know how to mediate, who know how to work together. We want to build those quality companies that build quality work. We will invest 100 million a year to be attractive to new professional graduates. We must be good at attracting talent , we will make a law for this, also to bring back those who have gone abroad “.