• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Prandini: “From Philip Morris International Center of excellence that gives wealth to the country”


Oct 26, 2021

“Today we are talking about the factory of the future. We were the ones who preceded any discussion of the agricultural supply chain, investing in a different model between what should have been the relationship between the processing industry and the agricultural supply chain”. This was stated by Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti, speaking at the inauguration of the new Center for Industrial Excellence of Philip Morris International in Crespellano (Bologna). “Today in agriculture sustainability is achieved thanks to digitization – he added – We only intervene where it is needed and we have saved 50% of water compared to the past”. “Then – he observed – there is another sustainability. guarantee to companies, in this case for tobacco, that in the production there is no illegal labor or the offspring of illegal hiring. This is a challenge that the agricultural world must be able to take up for the new generations. For many, Italy had to be a country only for the marketing of the product, we had to relocate. We have shown the opposite, all the products are local to the supply chain. This of Philip Morris International is a center of excellence that gives wealth to the country “.